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Jill Williams Destinations - Consultation Agreement

Jill Williams Destinations "JW Destinations" is delighted to help you create, book and experience the trip of your dreams! We create and book customized itineraries to include accommodations, transfers, activities and anything else that will make your trip extraordinary. In the months leading up to your departure date, we can accessorize your trip with reservations, spa appointments and activities. While you are enjoying your trip, we are monitoring and managing your travels every step of the way and are there for you if you need assistance.


As a client of JW Destinations, you have exclusive access to valuable amenities at Virtuoso-affiliated properties and other properties where we are "preferred partners" due to our affiliation with Brownell, a Virtuoso Member, giving you access to the best that travel has to offer!


Once the planning is complete, the arrangements with hoteliers, tour companies and other suppliers are secured with the credit card provided in the Credit Card Authorization. You will be provided with all payment information and cancellation policies of the suppliers in advance.


Consultation/Design Fee

The consultation fee varies per trip and is based upon the number of travelers, destinations, the level of complication anticipated and other factors. The minimum consultation fee is $750 for research and development of a custom itinerary recommendation and covers up to two itinerary revisions. The consultation fee shall be collected prior to the commencement of trip planning.


Fees & Gross Pricing vs. Net Pricing

The consultation fee covers a small portion of our many hours of work and thought creating your trip. We also earn a commission on our bookings with suppliers. JW Destinations mostly earns a commission directly from the supplier without any added cost to you. For example, hotels charge the same price for a room whether or not a commission will be paid to an agency for the booking. 


In the event a hotel will not pay standard commissions to agencies (very rare and mostly found in tiny towns in Europe), you agree to pay JW Destinations a booking fee in an amount equal to 10% of the nightly rate booked. Final travel documents shall be delivered to you when all invoices have been paid in full.


Fee Structure

Trip Architecture Fee: From $750

Hotel-Only Research and Booking Fee: $150 (1-2 options) $300 (3-5 options)

Expedited Planning Fee (travel dates within 2 months): Additional $250+

Hourly Fee for Excessive Revisions to Itinerary beyond Reasonable Expectations: $150/hour

Concierge Services: $150/hour

Airline Ticket Issuance: Domestic $60 and International $125, capped at $500 per household. JW Destinations reserves the right to adjust these fees at any time. Effective April 1, 2023.


Quotes and Cancellation Fee

Prices and availability are subject to change and are not guaranteed until payment is received. Price quotes are applicable to the date and time at which they are received. Quotes in a foreign currency are subject to fluctuations in exchange rates and international credit card issuer fees.


In the event you cancel your trip after we have your trip under deposit, you will be charged the cancellation fee charged by the hotel, tour company or other supplier. Fees paid to JW Destinations are non-refundable.

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All Rights Reserved, True Creative, LLC d/b/a JW Destinations

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