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Embark on Your Ultimate Adventure: Dive into Exclusive VIP Travel with Jill Williams Destinations

Updated: Jan 3

Guess what, y’all!? After rocking the advertising, marketing, and PR scene for a whopping 25 years, last year I took a wild leap into an exhilarating new venture – the birth of Jill Williams Destinations! It's not just a career pivot; it's a full-blown passion project. I've transformed my love affair with travel and planning into a luxury travel agency that's all about curating personalized, seamless travel experiences.

Many of you reading this email have worked with me, journeyed with me, collaborated on travel plans, and been part of my personal adventures over the past couple of decades. Beyond my own escapades, I've been the mastermind behind travel plans for friends and family as well.


You already know how I thrive on planning, and now I get to sprinkle that magic on your dream vacations, cruises, weekend getaways, and group travels. I'm over the moon to have launched this exciting new chapter and thrilled to say, over the past year, I've already turned my clients' travel dreams into reality! Now, I'm ready to make YOUR travel dreams come true. 🌟

My affiliations - Brownell, Virtuoso and endorsed by Forbes Travel Guide

Here's the skinny: Jill Williams Destinations is an affiliate of Brownell Travel, North America's premier luxury travel agency consisting of a small elite group of travel advisors around the world. When I say small, I mean small - a little over 100 advisors total! And, being accepted as an advisor affiliated with Brownell is like getting into an Ivy League - seriously! Plus, we all hold a wealth of insider knowledge that we share amongst ourselves - giving Brownell affiliated advisors a distinct edge for our clients.

We're also the first agency affiliated with Virtuoso Travel, an exclusive invitation-only travel network of only the best travel brands. That means our clients get the VIP treatment and exclusive perks at the world's best hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators – think Four Seasons, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Belmond, and more.

The benefits of working with your own personal travel advisor

The benefits of having a personal travel advisor is like your very own travel "easy button" - once I get to know the way you like to travel, I customize every trip just for you. No itinerary is the same because each client, YOU, are unique!

Here is the most important part about working with an advisor! Spill the beans on your travel style – the better I understand your preferences, the more tailored recommendations I can whip up. Dish out your overall travel vibe, throw in some examples of hotels or experiences that rocked your world (and maybe a few that didn't!). Budget talk is crucial too; let's keep it real and open about your budget from the get-go – it's the secret sauce for a seamless experience. I get it, chatting about money can be a bit nerve-wracking, but trust me, I've got your back. I'll give you the lowdown on what to expect, and your budget details stay safe and sound with me. Being upfront about the budget not only eases any worries but also helps me craft the perfect, personalized trip for you.

Don't forget to share intel on your travel buddies (names included, so I can sprinkle that personalized magic)! Share their quirks and preferences too. And hey, if there's a celebration or special occasion in the mix, spill! I'm all ears and ready to weave in those extra special touches to make your trip truly unforgettable.

Lastly, after our collaboration, I'll continue fine-tuning my notes on your travel preferences. This way, I stay in the loop on your unique travel style, ensuring that I can offer top-notch advice for all your future trip requests.

With me, You'll always travel like a VIP

When you explore the world with Jill Williams Destinations, you're not just embarking on a journey – you're stepping into VIP territory, unlocking exclusive benefits and amenities through our vast global network of travel suppliers. Thanks to my special ties as a Preferred Partner with the crème de la crème of luxury brands, I get to share those fantastic perks with you! So, whether you're booking for business, leisure, or rounding up the squad for a group adventure, rest assured you'll bask in those extra amenities every time you choose to journey with us.

Preferred Hotels & Resorts - For Your vacations, weekend getaways and business travel

Our top-tier status and exclusive partnerships with preferred hotels bring unparalleled value – surpassing what you'd find elsewhere, even with direct bookings or points. The money you save on those complimentary upgrades, breakfast, resort credits, and more can now be redirected towards indulging in the truly extraordinary experiences offered by your favorite luxury hotels and resorts worldwide.

Moreover, our tight-knit relationship with our travel partners ensures you're not just a guest but a VIP, receiving meticulous care from the hotel staff.

By choosing Jill Williams Destinations, you're not just booking a room; you're securing VIP status at the property, enjoying a host of amenities at most of our preferred partner hotels and resorts, including:

  • Daily breakfast or daily breakfast credit for 2 people per room

  • A credit for use at the hotel, resort or spa during your stay

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi 

  • Early Check-In/Late Check-Out (subject to availability)

  • Upgrades upon arrival (subject to availability)

  • Priority on the waitlist

The list of brands below represents just a snippet of our exclusive luxury travel partners, where we hold VIP status, insider know-how, and a treasure trove of special amenities.

prefer your travel on the water? Yacht charter and Cruise lines with preferred perks

Whether it's indulging in a luxurious cruise to uncharted or exotic locales or sailing aboard a private crewed motoryacht with ample space for your family and friends, consider it handled. I'll link you up with our preferred partners to ensure your aquatic getaways are nothing short of extraordinary. Already locked in for a cruise? No sweat – I can still snag you my exclusive perks and amenities.

And suppose you're not vibing with the port excursions offered by the cruise or fancy a private adventure of your own. In that case, I've got a network of partners scattered across the globe – and fun fact, I've personally met most of them! Trust that at every port of call, you'll be in capable hands, ensuring you get exceptional experiences.

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excited yet? What's next?

The journey for me has been a long but fortuitous one. From advertising executive to luxury travel advisor - my grade school dream of traveling afar has come true and it's better than I ever imagined.

Let's make your travel dreams a reality – reach out, and let's get started!

I'm here to craft unbelievable travel for you. And, if you aren't ready to travel yet but know someone who is, please forward them this email or share my contact info. I'd love to help.



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